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Waiting for you!

Here are some adoptable pet's that waiting to become your new best friend!
Browse the page and click on the links to view up close. You never know, you may find your new family member and save a life worth saving!

Here are a few of their pictures. These are just a few, there are many more waiting to meet you!

Come out and support this very important bill! It has the potential to change everything for our enslaved animal performers!

When I was young, I used to love it when the circus came to town! I watched the acts in awe; while begging my mom for the goodies that were sold. I especially like the animal acts, seeing the elephants, and exotic cat's perform was out of this world.
The only time I had ever seen such animals were on television. I wanted to touch them, interact with them. I wish I had, then; I wouldn't have made it a tradition and took my own children years later.

I had seen the animals up close, I would have seen their misery; they were abused and held captive against their will. Whipped into submission to perform, heart broken by their circumstances.
Once I saw the world these animals lived in and saw their despair, I stopped patronizing shows that featured them.
Now I urge you all to see what I saw, if you really look, it will be easy to see--. there is a bill: Intro 1233ban the use of wild animals in circuses in NYC this year!It's a start and has a chance of passing. This bill could se…


There are times when I feel like I am fighting a losing battle in advocating for animal rights. In those times I feel like giving up. My very soul hurts, I cry and become engulfed by depression! After all; animals are not put on this earth to suffer by our hands, They have a right to live happy abuse free lives. However, fighting for animal rights is an extremely arduous one. 

There are so many horrible offences committed against innocent animals it makes my head spin! However, wonderful things happens to make me fight on in the knowledge that we are making progress and that I must never give up because the world's animals are counting on us to right the wrongs on their behalf!   

Here are a couple of wrongs that have been corrected:

The Mexican law will have a beneficial impact on our work to stop dogfighters in the United States, where dog fighting is a felony in every state, and a federal felony. For years, American-based dogfighters have trekked to Mexico to avoid law enforceme…

Meet my rescues

Genie discovers our new gold fish; poor fish. I didn't even know she could stand up like that!
Cheech who is as mean as a viper, trying to look innocent:)
Isis trying to get on the bed unnoticed, like that can ever happen. LOL!
Every day, I share death row lists in hopes of saving lives. I can't imagine a world where our pets are killed for being homeless! That, while in the shelter they catch a very curable upper respiratory infection and because of that, there’s put on the kill list! 

All I can do is hope and pray that one day there's no need for a death row list. Until then, I need your help to save these animals. They want to live! Thank you all! Please adopt don't shop, foster, share. It

About me and a cause worth figthing for!

All animal lovers out there, I am an author and animal rights advocate, I advocate every day for dog's and cat's that are on death row in NYC Animal Care and Control and other shelters nationwide. I have three furry rescued children. It's a challenge; I won't lie; however I wouldn't trade it for all the tea in China! My furry babies are very dear to me! Their love is unconditional and they keep me amused; when they are not frustrating me with their childlike ways!
 It's sad how many of our nation's animals suffer daily; it is for that reason I fight for their rights. They are voiceless and need us to speak for them! It breaks my heart to see our adoptable pets with broken hearts and spirits, unwanted and dumped in some of the worst places facing death. They know what's happening to them!
Sadly, this takes place around the world daily. I want to find them all forever, humane, loving homes and show them that life does not have to be all pain! Humans …