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Ask Sue Radio Show a Champion for Animals

Ask Sue a true champion for the voiceless!
Today's abused and abandoned animals need all the help they can get their plights are becoming increasing horrific due to the inhumane nature of mankind! Fighting for animal rights is an uphill battle in fact that's putting it mildly! We need caring and dedicated people willing to fight for defenseless animals because they can't do it for themselves, we're their voices and all they have! We need warriors and Sue is one of those warriors!

Ask Sue radio is willing to take on the issue’s others are afraid too, she asks the questions some shy away from, she knows that no battle is won from being afraid to speak, act or ask questions!  Sue also knows that no battle triumphs by being fearful of the battleground or won alone! Join her, join us! Together we can fight the good fight for our animals!

Below is her contact information so you can learn more about her show search topic's and see what she offers. She even has opportunities …

Join us today!

Please stop by the Ask Sue show today, our shelter animals need us now more than ever!

The Ask Sue Show gives a Voice to the Voiceless covering many topics.
Are you upset over the killing of our adoptable pets at the controversial NYCACC?
A place that kills adoptable pet for reasons they shouldn't! Have you ever wanted to voice your concern or opinions?Today on the Ask Sue show at 5 pm est. you can. Please call in, we're their voices and all our adoptable pets have to care what happens to them! 
Info. is below:
Call in to speak with the host: (323) 870-3861 Ask Sue site: Ask Sue is doing another show regarding NYCACC and Americas No kill movement. Please everyone invite everyone. (This is a no arguing environment. It's all about the animals. ) We have various people coming on the show. A lot of discrepancies regarding the NYCACC and we cannot understand why so many…