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It's empty the shelter time again!

If you're looking to bring a new family member into your home, tomorrow Saturday September 17, 2017 is empty the shelter time again! Adoption fees will be paid by Bissell Pet Foundation at several locations please click on the link to find out which ones!

Only humane, forever, and loving homes please! Adopting a pet is a responsibility so please be certain you're ready for this lifetime commitment! If so, adopt away!

March on NYC Animal Care and Control, September 17, 2017

It's no secret that NYC Animal Care and Control needs to embrace complete shelter reform and animal rights advocates are marching  tomorrow September 16, 2017 as a cohesive unit to demand a total revamping of the broken shelter system!
The details are below and we hope to see you there! We must demand a positive change for our homeless, unwanted and abused animals!  We're their voice!


We will rally at Ground Zero - NY Animal Care and Control (convening at 2pm at 110th Street & First Avenue) where the murdering of innocent adoptable dogs and cats (and other animals) still occurs. We must demand an END to the killing of cats and dogs period.

At 4pm, we are MARCHING TO GRACIE MANSION. We will march down Second Avenue (on the sidewalk with police escort) from 110th street to about 90th street and the over to York Avenue to the mansion gates.

Its humane voting time!

Hello animal rights advocates and animal lovers, this Tuesday Sept.12, 2017 is primary day and we have a few candidates that support a humane NYC. Our nation's animals have been abused, tortured and killed for years. We have seen victories in the struggle to end the abuse of our furry friends. However, there is a long way to go in this arduous struggle. 

I am pleased to announce the Empire Humane Voters picks in this election. As you know this organization is all about electing lawmakers that support the fair and humane treatment of animals. Without such politicians the hopes of a humane world for our world's animals are an unrealized dream. Please visit the link below and find out more about the Empire Humane Voter picks. Happy humane voting! It's all about the animals and fighting for the fair treatment of these living, breathing, feeling beings right to live without abuse and mistreatment.

SEP 2 The Official Animal Rights March (NYC) Public · Hosted by Robert Banks and 4 others

Join me and tons of animal lovers and advocates tomorrow for the  Official Animal Rights March.
We will be marching for all the voiceless in unity and peace! We can no longer sit by when there is so much suffering among our world's animals, we're their voice. The more marchers the bigger the impact! The details are below:

"Join us on the streets of New York as we march through the city demanding an end to all animal oppression. The animal rights movement is growing at an unprecedented rate and now is the time to join together and unify, let’s make our voices heard and show that the future is vegan.
Join New York Animal Defenders, the Save Movement, Skylands, dXe, PeTA, Catskills sanctuary, LION, and many others at the Flatiron building at 2pm (we encourage people to start arriving as early as noon). 

AGENDA We are absolutely thrilled to have so many dedicated activists who will be …