Monday, February 7, 2022

A call to action for all animal lovers, advocates, and activists! NYCACC needs shelter reform Bill No. A.7155 and Senate Bill S.7911 is a start!

How many more beautiful adoptable companion animals must needlessly die or suffer at the hands of a broken shelter system?

More adoptable beautiful dogs gone, killed at NYCACC!


Just a few adoptable cats killed at NYCACC! in 2021 all were in need of homes and some needed care with one dying in foster care!  


NYCACC needs a facelift ASAP!! 

The innocent animals that enter their care merit better treatment and personnel willing to do whatever they can to provide them with a positive stay and think inside and outside the box to find each one a suitable home! Our homeless animals should have every possible chance to walk out the front door with adopters or rescues on route to humane and forever homes and not out the back with their broken lifeless bodies in black garage bags to destinations unknown!

NYCACC has a long history of neglect of its animals, silent kills, animals dying in the shelter alone and suffering in their dismal enclosures, losing animals in their care, and killing adoptable pets that have either interested adopters or rescues willing to take them.  There have been verified incidents where lost pets have been killed the same day, they entered NYCACC sadly when their distraught owners checked the Animal Care Center shelters in hopes of finding them were informed the pet was already killed! They were never listed or placed on the mandatory three-day hold for intakes!

There have been numerous whistleblowers who were horrified with the treatment of these helpless animals in frustration reached out to newspapers and animal advocates for help! Even if it meant reprisal by NYCACC who makes their volunteers sign a gag order!


Several Newspaper articles have been written of the squalid conditions, abuse, unnecessary kills, and heartbreaking accounts of what innocent animals endure at the hands of what seems like an untouchable establishment. Lawsuits have been filed yet conditions have shown little to no improvement. What does it take? It takes us to act, if we don’t nothing will change, and our innocent companion animals will continue to suffer and die needlessly!  Our animals are not here for us to mistreat or kill without just cause! They deserve so much they have loved us unconditionally and protected us from harm!



NYCACC admits to killing all these animals since Jan 2020:

Total: 2374


Jan- June 2021:      169


Feb                         127


March                    162


April                      355

May                       312

June                       366


Total            3,712

* Numbers include Owner-Intended Euthanasia 


* The numbers go up in the summer, way up!


Before I continue with stories of the horrid conditions and animal incidents within NYCACC's broken system,  I urge you to take this call to action on behalf of the innocent shelter animals that can't help their circumstances they need us to fight and demand shelter reform otherwise, our companion animals will continue to suffer and die needlessly!

We're their voices!

Below, is a letter urging our Assembly Members to support,

A.7155, Shelter Animal Rescue Act (SARA) SARA would save countless shelter animals yearly!

Please, ask them to cosponsor A.7155, the Shelter Animal Rescue Act (#SARA) that’ll make it illegal 2 kill animals when rescues are willing to save them.

Right below the sample letter, you will find a link for you to find your Assembly member's contact info.

SARA Sample Letter:

Subject: A.7155, Shelter Animal Rescue Act (SARA)

[Dear Assemblymember,]
[Dear Senator,]

[As your constituent,]
[As an animal advocate,]

I am writing to urge you to please cosponsor A.7155, the Shelter Animal Rescue Act (SARA):
animal protection legislation that would save thousands of lives every year at no cost to New York State taxpayers.

By requiring municipal animal shelters to partner with non-profit rescue organizations, SARA would not only reduce expenses associated with having to care for, then kill and dispose of an animal, but it would transfer expenses from taxpayers to private philanthropy, as rescue groups would assume the cost of animal care and rehabilitation. Under SARA, shelters could also charge adoption fees to rescue groups, thereby bringing in needed revenues.

In addition to being inhumane, it is irresponsible to kill animals in the face of cost-effective alternatives; nor does it make sense that taxpayers are spending money to kill animals when non-profit organizations are willing and able to save them at private expense.

Similar legislation passed at the state level in California and Delaware, and at the municipal level in Austin, Texas, and Muncie, Indiana, saves lives and taxpayers’ money, is consistent with public health and safety, and improves public satisfaction with the job these governments are doing. New York State should join them.

After all, it is not unreasonable, and it should not be a point of controversy to require shelters to notify qualified rescue organizations of all animals being threatened with death and to give such groups two days to save them, provided an animal is neither dangerous to people nor irremediably suffering.

Please cosponsor SARA!

[Your constituent,]


My Name

Place Where I Live

(The link below is the summary of Bill No. A.7155 which is the same as Senate Bill S.7911 )

For more information about SARA please click on the link:

 Animal Rescue Act:


The Faces of NYCACC's "Spay Neuter Kill" Victims

On average, virtually every week since the program started in January 2017, a dog or cat who has been sterilized by the ASPCA under contract with New York City Animal Care & Control (NYCACC) is returned to the pound and then killed animals who have undergone anesthesia and the females, major abdominal surgery, with taxpayers footing the bill. This not only exposes animals to needless pain and stress, but it wastes lives, wastes money, and betrays the public trust.

The program has been dubbed “Spay Neuter Kill” by concerned advocates. NYCACC calls it “fast-tracking,” stating that it is a way to get animals out of the facility quicker by having them sterilized before adoption. But for too many animals, that is not what is happening at all. Instead of being sterilized and adopted into good homes, they are being sterilized and killed. 

To read more please click on the link below.

Meet more of NYCACC's victims:

*To read more please click on the news links following a fraction of the stories.

Maverick's tragic end!

Maverick was a dog killed by NYCACC he is an example of the heartbreaking process of what happens to dogs that are taken to the dreaded euthanasia room which is another name kill or simply murder!

 Maverick's story is one of controversy.

NYCACC says Maverick was aggressive. The man who surrendered him says the dog bit him. "But when Maverick was picked up by police at his former home, sources say the pooch was friendly, wagged his tail, and hopped right into the back of the police cruiser where he remained calm and friendly whole ride to the shelter. Does this sound like an aggressive dog? 

Whatever the story of the poor doomed dog was we will never fully know. What we do know is he didn't deserve to be drugged and dragged to the kill room. His posture was one of a defeated and terrified dog! The sounds of his shelter mated screaming barking and howling in the background! Imagine what the other dogs were feeling witnessing this and not knowing when they will be next! All I can say is cruelty at its worst!

To view the heartbreaking video of Maverick and the NY Post article please click on the link below  below

This is the moment a dog at the city’s pound was dragged to its death. 

A viral video was taken inside the Manhattan Animal Care Center on May 9 shows workers using two leashes to drag a whimpering dog to the euthanasia room — offering a rare glimpse inside the scandal-scarred organization.

The video, posted to Facebook on Monday by animal activist Andrew Weprin, quickly racked up nearly 100,000 views and more than 4,000 shares.

“Disgraceful what these poor animals are put through during the last moments of life!” a woman named Tina Marie commented on the post.

The video shows the sedated pit bull pup being dragged on the floor before getting up and stumbling into the shelter’s kill room, while other dogs in the background loudly howl and bark.

Cowboy's tragic end!

 The red is from  a Facebook post on poor Cowboy


I’m told that the vets at NYCACC said Cowboy was in renal failure, that’s not likely because he ate nicely. Animals in renal failure usually don’t eat well. What I don't understand is why not let the rescue save him and nurse him back to health? I have seen dogs in a similar shape achieve a full recovery with the right care!  Why feed this poor dog then kill him? This is symbolic of giving a death row inmate his last meal before execution. Please, tell me what was this poor dog’s crime? No, the crime was against innocent Cowboy by unfeeling humans! RIP dear boy humans can no longer fail you!


More newspaper and stories articles that offer a rare view inside NYCACC's very troubled and broken shelter system:

Thor a dog that was wanted by the police officer that picked him up with his partner instead NYCACC killed him even though the officer had filled out an adoption application!

Two NYPD cops on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic recently picked up a “friendly and healthy” lost Labrador retriever and cared for it at their precinct stationhouse for several days while seeking its owner, according to Lentol.

The owner of the dog could not be found, and the cops took the dog to ACC with “specific instructions” that if no one claimed the animal quickly, the cops would adopt it. The dog was euthanized!

Thor had someone that wanted him, someone willing to bring him into his home with his family who anxiously waited for him! The office went so far as to fill out an adoption application and no one from NYCACC even looked in the dog's file to see it! I remember reading a comment by a volunteer at the shelter where Thor was killed, saying “Thor was so scared that he was shaking and all he wanted was love”! Sadly, he was killed shortly after! The officer who fell in love with Thor and wanted to adopt him and make him a part of his family, his partner stated he was heartbroken!

 Poor friendly Thor became another victim of a dangerously inapt shelter system! Instead of walking out the front dog with the police officer into his new home Thor left out the back door his lifeless body stuffed into a black garbage bag! A truly tragic and preventable end!

*The killing was never halted during the pandemic it continues!

NYC woman’s emotional support dog was adopted while she was hospitalized


A disabled New Yorker’s emotional support dog was brought to the Big Apple pound when she had a medical emergency — and when she tried to get the pup back, he’d been adopted and already had a new name, The Post has learned.


“I literally dropped to my knees when I heard that,” Denise McCurrie, 51, said of her beloved 6-year-old miniature Schnauzer previously named Roscoe, has lived with her since he was a puppy.


“It’s been a nightmare.”

 McCurrie, a former Wall Street underwriter who’s been on disability since she left the business in 2008 following the housing market crash, has long suffered from depression and anxiety and on April 16, called 911 while in the throes of a “nervous breakdown,” she told The Post.

Neglect, filthy cages, and no water: Inside the embattled Animal Care Centers of NYC


Dogs at the Brooklyn arm of the Big Apple pound live in squalid and “neglectful” conditions — including filthy cages filled with urine and feces, no water bowls and a revolving door of indifferent, low-paid staffers, The Post has learned.


Three whistleblowers from the Animal Care Centers of New York City, two of whom are former volunteers from the Brooklyn location, came forward to reveal the poor conditions because they’re concerned about the creatures’ welfare.


“These animals, it’s hard enough for them. They’re already at a shelter, which is a very stressful situation, and to have them sitting in dirty cages without water, it was just so wrong,” one of the former volunteers, who worked at the facility for over three years until late 2019 and spoke on the condition of anonymity told The Post.


“Sometimes the smell of ammonia is so strong, it’s nauseating,” added an ACC source. “I’ve pulled out blankets that are so wet, you can squeeze them out, just saturated.”

City Council members demand probe into Animal Care Center after Post exposé


Members of the City Council’s Committee on Health said evidence of neglect at the Brooklyn Animal Care Center that was revealed by The Post is deeply disturbing and demands an immediate investigation.


“The allegations set forth in the October 30 article and the corresponding report are reprehensible and unacceptable. Furthermore, any entity that does business with the city and taxpayer money should be held to higher standards,” Councilwoman Alicka Ampry-Samuel (D-Brooklyn) railed in a statement.


“When used, the city has an excellent system for rating vendors and reviewing contracts and we need to be more intentional with ensuring that we use these systems that we have in place as opposed to constantly learning about mishaps through the media. These allegations need to be investigated immediately.”

*Despite this article and many others, I have not heard of any improvements or changes within NYCACC!

Staten Island animal shelter evacuated over ‘unsafe’ conditions


The Staten Island branch of the city’s beleaguered Animal Care Center was forced to evacuate all its animals, including two pot-bellied pigs, because of dangerous temperature conditions inside, The Post has learned.


ACC’s The Director of Placement sent out an “SOS” email to rescue partners Sunday afternoon asking for help placing the animals after the evacuation left the agency’s Brooklyn and Manhattan locations packed “well beyond our capacity for care,” according to the email.


“We recently had to evacuate all of our animals in our Staten Island shelter due to an issue with the temperature in the building fluctuating and it is becoming unsafe to continue to house animals until it is resolved,” reads the email, which was sent around 1:30 p.m. with the subject line “SOS SI Shelter temporarily Evacuated. We need your help!

An owner’s lost dog was put down shortly after it was brought into the Staten Island shelter

It's a pet owner's worst nightmare -- a lost animal winds up in a shelter and killed in under 24 hours. That's the sad reality one family lived Thanksgiving weekend - all caught on camera. and now serving as a cautionary tale.

On Nov. 30, a pet owner went frantically looking for his 16-year-old mastiff Lila, only to discover it was killed hours after turning up in a shelter. Lila was found in Staten Island Park early Saturday morning and brought to the Staten Island Animal Care Center. That same day the dog was sent to the Manhattan location where it was put down.

In a video obtained by News 12, the owner is seen and heard telling Animal Care Center of NYC employees "it's not even 24 hours," asking why his animal was killed. The two-minute video shows the owner arguing with employees that his dog was a rescue he got from the ACC at three months old and micro-chipped. The employee in the video responded that the chip "had no phone number" but the owner immediately says, "but there was an address correct?"

Yes," employees admitted.

Erica Curtin filmed the entire confrontation and was stunned. "I cried a little bit and kept profusely apologizing to the owner," she told News 12. "It was kind of heartbreaking." News 12 reached out to the ACC about Lila's case and received this statement:
Rescue dog in city care dies en route to a new home during  a heatwave

A dog from the city pound died of possible heat exhaustion while being driven to his forever home during the hottest weekend, the Big Apple has seen in nearly a decade, The Post has learned.

 Don — a 2-year-old pit bull who’d been rescued from Brooklyn’s Animal Care Center — was headed to Rescue Dogs Rescue Soldiers in Cherry Valley outside of Albany Saturday afternoon when the ACC transporter stopped at a gas station 10 minutes from the destination and found the pup dead in its cage, the rescue’s president Liz Keller told The Post.


 “It was such a shock, no one was thinking clearly, we were all crying. It’s a day where everyone’s excited and happy, the dogs can’t wait to get out of the van,” Keller said, breaking down into tears.

 “I said, ‘Open the doors,’ so I could at least see him, maybe we could do CPR, but he was gone and had been gone for a while because the body was really hard, it was very stiff, so I’m assuming he passed away very quickly into the transport.”

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