Adoptable Pets that need homes ASAP

Alert these adoptable Pets could be next to be placed on the at-risk to be killed list!(See more adoptable below)

With our adoptable homeless pets being euthanized in kill shelters daily across the country, here's a list of the latest dogs and cats that are available for adoption at NYC Animal Care Centers. The good news is: some of the animals from my last list have been adopted... yay! The sad news is: some have not found homes others were killed in the shelters that were supposed to help them.  

A couple is in foster care and is available for adoption. When you see an adoptable pet that catches your eye as always, click on the link below the pets picture and the stats of the pet are there. 

Please note:
Instead of the urgent site as the main link, I have replaced it with the NYCACC link. There you can find much more information about the adoptable pets offered. 
The list for all three ACC is there: Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. There are adoptable rabbits listed as well. …

Animal lovers our furry friends need our help ASAP We're their voices!

Our companion animals need you to make the city shelters a suitable place while they wait for humane and forever homes and not die needlessly while there! Demand the Companion Animal Protection Act(CAPA) be passed now!Thank you all for stepping up to protect the voiceless be blessed!

What is CAPA?CAPA highlights: Establishes the shelter’s primary role as saving the lives of animals;Declares that saving lives and protecting public safety are compatible;Establishes a definition of No Kill that includes all savable animals including community cats;Protects rabbits and other animals, as well as dogs and cats;Makes it illegal for a shelter to kill an animal if a rescue group or No Kill shelter is willing to save that animal;Requires shelters to provide animals with fresh food, fresh water, environmental enrichment, exercise, veterinary care, and cleanliness;Makes it illegal for shelters to kill owner relinquished animals without making them available for adoption or transfer to a rescue grou…

Nathan Winograd of the No kill Advocacy Center!

It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again
The ASPCA is lobbying for animals to die. The ink is not yet dry on New York State shelter reform legislation, the bill doesn’t even have a number yet, and Matt Bershadker, the ASPCA’s CEO, is already spending donor funds to kill it, saying it isn’t needed because the New York City pound is a model of compassionate sheltering. Not only does this ignore the care of animals in other shelters throughout the state, but it is a lie. The City pound is not what it pretends to be. It kills healthy animals, it allows them to languish, in pain, without veterinary care, and it kills them after neutering. In fact, dog placement rates have declined two years in a row. And not only does their reported “save rate” exclude whole categories of animals when reporting statistics, new evidence is emerging that those statistics may have been deliberately and fraudulently changed. To protect animals who enter the City pou…

Our children need health not sickness in their future!

For parents and anyone with school-age children:

It's no secret that we are what we eat and certain foods that we consume actually cause our bodies great harm. I am writing this blog to inform parents, caregivers and anyone that cares about our school-age children health of a serious health threat children are being served in school! 
Many of our children eat breakfast and lunch at school. While this is normally good news for parents I'm sure they don't expect these meals to jeopardize their children's health!!
What health hazard? Processed meat such as: as hot dogs, pepperoni, bacon, sausage, and deli meat, causes colorectal cancer and we must demand it stop being fed to our children in school if we want them to lead healthier lives.

Please check out this site Voters For Animal Rights, they are on the forefront not only in the fight for animals rights but for a sustainable future for all! Be a part of the change!…

Primary Time!

Hello all animal lovers, it's voting time and we need humane lawmakers in office if we're going to help our nation's animals! As voters and animal lovers, we have the power to put in office representatives that care about animals,  humane people that don't see animals as objects for us to do with whatever we want.  As a longtime animal advocate, it is encumbered upon me to reach out to all of you and say please go vote, vote for officials that support animal rights and recognize that they're thinking feelings beings. 
Below are Voters For Animal rights picks for humane candidates in the upcoming primary on Thursday, September 13th!  It's time to show the world that New York is a place that cares about animal welfare! Happy humane voting!

This poor dog is gone, killed for being homeless and terrified after his family dumped him is a very scary place! Your voting for humane candidates offers hope to other animals that are counting on us putting people in office …

NYC Law that can protect pet owners who had their pets for three months when your landlord tells you pet has to go or else!

 NYC Keep your pets with you in a loving humane environment legally even when your landlord says no!

It seems that there has been an increase in pets released to  New York Animal Care Centers because their landlord won't allow the pet to remain on the premises. As a result, many pet owners broken-heartedly feeling they have no other recourse have taken their furry family member to the local Animal Care Center because they have an open door policy and many no-kill shelters are full! 

What's tragic here is the shelter they release them to are kill shelters and what's even more tragic is there's a law to stop this from happening. I have seen many owners released pets with landlord issues wind up on the at-risk list to be killed and many are in fact killed. I'm sure this is not what owners in these circumstances expected to happen to their beloved animals. (This law is also referred to as Grandfathered in.) 
Sadly at this time, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA).…

There's been a change in the meeting place to:250 Broadway across the Street from City Hall, 16th Floor!

Hello all, I've been informed that There's been a change in the meeting place to: 250 Broadway across the Street from City Hall, 16th Floor!  Please come earliy; 9:00 - 9:15 am      It's Time to Speak up for NYC Shelter animals! We're thier voice!NYC Shelter Animals - City Hall Public HearingApril 24, 2018
Please speak out for New York City's shelter animals at City Hall on Tuesday, April 24 at 10am at a City Council Health Committeepublic hearing  on the status of NYC's animal shelter system (Animal Care Centers) in addition to a newly proposed law, Intro 401, sponsored by Council Member Vallone, Council Member Brannan and Council Member Holden, requiring full-service shelters in allfive boroughs, with facilities to receive lost, stray or homeless dogs, cats, and rabbits. 
If you can attend, we urge you to sign up to speak during the public comment period of the hearing to directly address the Committee with your thoughts. You will have 2-3 minutes to speak. If…