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Failed by man and the shelter system!

My heart is heavy as I see yet another adoptable pet I have advocated for killed! Many of these animals were abused by their owners and either turned out into the streets or dumped in high kill shelters by their family! Imagine a pet watching his best friend leave him in a place that is filled with misery and smells of death. Where dog's are crying out and cat's are begging to be released from their enclosures. How confused and frighten they he must be!

 Animals are highly intelligent and very intuitive.They feel fear, confusion and abandonment as humans do. They are aware and fearful of this place of strangers. Many are seen with tears falling from their eyes, crying for help. Sensing their lives are in danger some are so fearful that they snap and grown at the shelter staff. Many catch kennel cough and are given medication. Sadly, catching curable illnesses like kennel cough qualify them for death row. Consequently, they come in healthy and become ill in a place that breeds d…

They're waiting to be saved!

Hello all, it's good to be in touch again! Here's some super urgent shelter animals up for adoption.They all need humane, loving, forever homes ASAP! If you're looking to bring a new furry family member home, please consider one of these companion animals. 

They're super urgent and will soon be put on the Animal Care and control kill list, if they even make it there! Please find it in your heart to adopt don't shop while innocent pet's die for being homeless! They'll love you for it and you would have saved an adoptable pet from an agonizing death! Below are just a few adoptable's, click on the link below each set of pictures to view more. God bless you all!:

Squalachi flushing the toliet movie

Just when I thought I had seen it with all the funny things that animals do, I have been proven wrong! My daughters rescued kitty has been flushing our toilet when she thought no one was looking! My daughter found Squalachi abandoned in a playground at the tender age of three- four weeks old. She said she was walking home from work almost two years ago and tripped over nothing. As a result, she looked down and saw a tiny kitten so small it could fit in the palm of her hand.

The terrified kitten was sitting inside a playground tunnel; you know the stone ones the kids crawl through. The poor little thing was sitting there shaking, no doubt confused and scared. It took ten minutes for my daughter to get the kitten to come to her. She scooped her up and put her inside her jacket. The kitten feeling safe, went to sleep! She named the tiny ball of fur Squalachi after a character from the Borgia's TV series. The TV Squalachi was a duchess. Imagine we were in the presence of royalty:) It …

Your help is needed!

As mentioned in an earlier post there's a vital bill that we need to get passed: Intro. 1233 legislation to ban the cruel use of wild animals in circuses. We can enjoy the thrill of the circus without the enslavement of wild animals. Growing up I loved the circus. Carrying on the excitement I had for the big top, I took my kids nieces and nephews. I still love the thrill of the circus, but I'd like it without the use of wild animals. 
Circus animals  are tortured, chained and beaten to perform. My eyes were closed to the misery of these poor animals Now that they are opened; I will never close them again. Here's where your help comes in: we need more city council members on board with this bill. As a result, we are asking animal lovers like yourself to reach out to your council members and ask them to support and sign off on Intro 1233. Please see below:

   Click on the link and join us in making this historic bill happen.
Hello all, its been a few days and so much has happened. One of the events I would like to highlight is the launch of: 

Here's a little about this dynamic organization:

This organization is composed of a group of dedicated animal activists that advocate for positive change for our animals. Visit their sites, to learn more. We're their voice; all lives matter!

Super urgent pet's that need homes before they are put on death row.

Hello all, I have been a little under the weather and haven't blogged in a while. However, I have shared animals that needed help my on my various social media sites. It doesn'tmatter how I feel, I will always find time at the very least for that! There so many unwanted and abused animals that I can't rest unless I am advocating on their behalf! It's a calling and I embrace it wholeheartedly! 

Okay, with that stated; I would like to share the super urgent cat's and dog's that need to be adopted, or fostered ASAP. It's a good chance they will be the next death row inductees. Please check them out and if you're looking to bring a new pet into your life; consider these companion animals. Their lives matter and we can save them all one at a time! 

The pictures below are just a few pictures of  adoptable's. Click on the link to view more. Happy adopting or fostering! Only humane, forever, loving homes please! These animals don't need to end up in more…