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On this 4th of July these super urgent shelter pets need us to liberate them!

Hello friends, its good to connect once again! As we celebrate another independence day I would like to present some more  super urgent pets that are in danger of being put on death row or euthanized without notice! Please, if your're looking to open up your hearts and homes to a new furry family member, please consider the super urgent pets within NYC Animal Care and Control!

As usual I have posted a few pictures of dogs and cats that are in urgent need of forever, loving, humane homes. There are many more than what I have posted here so please, visit the links and view your hearts out there's bound to be one or two that will call to you! God bless you all! You all  are doing a great job at saving lives!!

All the super urgent dogs posted last time were listed assaved; all but  three; one who was euthanized and the other two  remain super urgent...
(RIP dear Nene : , you weren't given enough time to be helped) --

The first …