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Primary Time!

Hello all animal lovers, it's voting time and we need humane lawmakers in office if we're going to help our nation's animals! As voters and animal lovers, we have the power to put in office representatives that care about animals,  humane people that don't see animals as objects for us to do with whatever we want.  As a longtime animal advocate, it is encumbered upon me to reach out to all of you and say please go vote, vote for officials that support animal rights and recognize that they're thinking feelings beings. 
Below are Voters For Animal rights picks for humane candidates in the upcoming primary on Thursday, September 13th!  It's time to show the world that New York is a place that cares about animal welfare! Happy humane voting!

This poor dog is gone, killed for being homeless and terrified after his family dumped him is a very scary place! Your voting for humane candidates offers hope to other animals that are counting on us putting people in office …

NYC Law that can protect pet owners who had their pets for three months when your landlord tells you pet has to go or else!

 NYC Keep your pets with you in a loving humane environment legally even when your landlord says no!

It seems that there has been an increase in pets released to  New York Animal Care Centers because their landlord won't allow the pet to remain on the premises. As a result, many pet owners broken-heartedly feeling they have no other recourse have taken their furry family member to the local Animal Care Center because they have an open door policy and many no-kill shelters are full! 

What's tragic here is the shelter they release them to are kill shelters and what's even more tragic is there's a law to stop this from happening. I have seen many owners released pets with landlord issues wind up on the at-risk list to be killed and many are in fact killed. I'm sure this is not what owners in these circumstances expected to happen to their beloved animals. (This law is also referred to as Grandfathered in.) 
Sadly at this time, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA).…

There's been a change in the meeting place to:250 Broadway across the Street from City Hall, 16th Floor!

Hello all, I've been informed that There's been a change in the meeting place to: 250 Broadway across the Street from City Hall, 16th Floor!  Please come earliy; 9:00 - 9:15 am      It's Time to Speak up for NYC Shelter animals! We're thier voice!NYC Shelter Animals - City Hall Public HearingApril 24, 2018
Please speak out for New York City's shelter animals at City Hall on Tuesday, April 24 at 10am at a City Council Health Committeepublic hearing  on the status of NYC's animal shelter system (Animal Care Centers) in addition to a newly proposed law, Intro 401, sponsored by Council Member Vallone, Council Member Brannan and Council Member Holden, requiring full-service shelters in allfive boroughs, with facilities to receive lost, stray or homeless dogs, cats, and rabbits. 
If you can attend, we urge you to sign up to speak during the public comment period of the hearing to directly address the Committee with your thoughts. You will have 2-3 minutes to speak. If…

Help Save Mino Valley Sanctuary!

This devoted animal sanctuary needs our help to keep thier land and home   The link to the Go for me fund is below the picture, no amount is to small, it all helps! Thank you all!!

Here's the touching story from the owners:
My name is Abigail Geer and I’m the founder of Mino Valley Sanctuary in Spain which is home to nearly 200 animals who have been rescued from horrific abuse and cruelty.

The land that the sanctuary is on is up for sale and our only option is to buy it so that we don’t lose our home and everything we’ve worked so hard to build over the last five years.

We only have 90 days to raise the money to buy the land the sanctuary is on or we will lose everything and all the animals who live here will be homeless.
Me and my husband Mikey live in a little wooden cabin with no sink and a leaking roof. We don't have our own electricity or water source on site. We desperately need help but right now we don’t have a…

More about the dog food recall containing the drug Pentobarbital

Dog lovers, here's additional information about the huge recall of dog foods from the well known and used Smuckers dog foods. The company states they don't use eurhizanied pets in their dog food.The question is how did a chemical used to euthanize shelter pets turn up in so many brands? 
Many animal activists have asked the question what happens to the bodies of  pets that are killed in shelters;  The question is also asked: why are adoptable pets killed so soon after they arrive at  kill shelters; it's clear they need more time to find humane and forever homes. Yet, that rarely happens! It makes one think!
Below is the information for users of these popular dog foods and a warning to others that may have considered using these products.

Smucker confirms euthanasia drug in popular dog food brands!
Recall includes Gravy Train, Kibbles ’N Bits, Skippy, Ol’ Roy; FDA's investigation, testing ongoing ARTICLE  posted By:  Phyllis Entis | March 4, 2018The FDA has posted notice of…

For Dog Owners

Dog Food recalls
Lately, there seems to be an unusually high recall of dog foods. Some of these recalls are of usual and disturbing natures. Below is a list of these recalls. Here's to keeping your dogs safe! What I want to know is in the Gravy Train recall, how did a drug used to euthanize animals get into their dog food? It makes one think!
GRAVY TRAIN® CANNED/WET DOG FOOD UPDATE: A certain brand of canned dog food has been recalled after a small amount of a drug used to euthanize animals was found. Low levels were found in cans of "Gravy Train" dog food.According to the FDA, the amount found probably won't cause any health problems to pets, but still wants to recall specific shipments anyway.
What products are impacted? Item NameUPC Item Code(s)Gravy Train 13.2 oz. with T-Bone Flavor Chunks7910052541Gravy Train 13.2 oz. with Beef Strips7910052542Gravy Train 13.2 oz. with Lamb and Rice Chunks7910052543Gravy Train 22 oz. with Chicken Chunks7910051645Gravy Train