Adoptable Pets that need homes ASAP

Alert these adoptable Pets could wind up on the at-risk list to be killed next!

Update: a few of these pets are listed on the at-risk list to be killed for tomorrow! ACC does not fool around! Please help save their lives! #ADOPTDONTSHOP, foster or share it saves!

With our adoptable homeless pets dying daily across the country, here's a list of the latest dogs and cats that are available for adoption at NYC Animal Care Centers. The good news is: some of the animals from my last list have been adopted... yay!  The sad news is: some have not found homes.  
A couple is in foster care and is available for adoption. When you see an adoptable pet that catches your eye as always, click on the link below the pets picture and the stats of the pet are there. 
Please note: 
Instead of the urgent site as the main link, I have replaced it with the NYCACC link. There you can find much more information about the adoptable pets offered. 
The list for all three ACC is there: Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. There are adoptable rabbits listed as well. Check it out there's so much information, events hosted by NYCACC, ways to help and much more!

Good news, ACC is offering a Harvest Healing Promotion where adoption fees are waived for certain pets!

You still have to be reserved through, the reservation fee will be refunded once the adoption is completed.

With all of that said: you are looking to add a new furry family member or foster a pet in order to give them more time to find an acceptable home, please consider one or even two of these precious companion pets. Please remember, that adopting should be a lifetime commitment and not be taken lightly. Please, humane forever homes only! 

Please look through this list of pets and consider adoption rather than buying! You'll be saving a life! God bless you all! The pictures below are just a few of the many that are up for adoption. If you don't see any furries that catch your eye, click on the links below the start of the dog's list; this will open up to the complete profiles of all adoptable pets and as stated above a lot more information.

Happy adopting or fostering! For those that don't know: to foster an animal is free and all their medical expenses are taken care of.

Main link to NYACC:


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