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It's time to stop the killing of our adoptable pets forever! We can save them all!

Hello fellow pet lovers and humane advocates please forgive my absence, I have been overwhelmed with life!  I am feeling better although not 100% but enough to start writing again. Of course this blog is one of my top priorities! I love animals and have committed myself to fighting on their behalf till my dying breath!  The injustices that have befallen our world's animals bring tears to my eyes and an ache in my heart!

Animals are not put on this earth for us to abuse, torture or kill; yet as I write this blog so many are going through horrible situations. Things so horrendous in fact that only a monster could perform the acts that are committed on our voiceless! We must seek out and stop people who abuse and murder our furry friends. Their lives matter and we must make sure that this is made known!  Together we can be a mighty force for animals everywhere! I thank you all for your part in fighting for our furry friends!!!
Below is a YouTube link  to watch a short film by Nathan…