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Animal lovers our furry friends need our help ASAP We're their voices!

Our companion animals need you to make the city shelters a suitable place while they wait for humane and forever homes and not die needlessly while there! Demand the Companion Animal Protection Act (CAPA) be passed now!

Thank you all for stepping up to protect the voiceless be blessed!

 What is CAPA?

CAPA highlights:
  • Establishes the shelter’s primary role as saving the lives of animals;
  • Declares that saving lives and protecting public safety are compatible;
  • Establishes a definition of No Kill that includes all savable animals including community cats;
  • Protects rabbits and other animals, as well as dogs and cats;
  • Makes it illegal for a shelter to kill an animal if a rescue group or No Kill shelter is willing to save that animal;
  • Requires shelters to provide animals with fresh food, fresh water, environmental enrichment, exercise, veterinary care, and cleanliness;
  • Makes it illegal for shelters to kill owner relinquished animals without making them available for adoption or transfer to a rescue group, even in cases where the owner wants the animal killed unless the animal is suffering;
  • And more…


For No Kill success to be widespread and long-lasting, we must focus on institutionalizing No Kill by giving shelter animals the rights and protections afforded by law. Every successful social movement results in legal protections that codify expected conduct and provide protection against future conduct that violates normative values.

We need to regulate shelters in the same way we regulate hospitals and other agencies which hold power over life and death. The answer lies in passing and enforcing shelter reform legislation which mandates how a shelter must operate.

CAPA saves lives, saves taxpayer money, improves public health and safety, and is popular with voters.

What's happening with CAPA within NYC now?

Good news for animals and animal lovers of NYC

New York City Council Member Robert Holden to introduce shelter reform legislation that prohibits convenience killing and mandates the programs and services of the No Kill Equation.
This week, I received the exciting news that New York City Council Member Bob Holden has “started the legislative drafting process” for a shelter standards law based on the Companion Animal Protection Act (CAPA), the model shelter reform legislation written by the No Kill Advocacy Center, my organization.
By eliminating the discretion which allows shelters to kill when readily available alternatives exist, CAPA mandates humane, compassionate, and life-affirming protocols. And it works.
CAPA has already achieved great success in other American communities which have passed it. Passing it to fix the systemic problems that have plagued the Animal Care Centers of New York City (ACC) for decades is the correct approach. It is long past time that the people of NYC mandate, by law, how their shelters operate to ensure that innovative, life-affirming and compassionate options replace convenience killing.
We understand that Council Member Holden will also be lobbying other members of the City Council on behalf of the bill. All of this is most welcome and exciting news, and we thank the Council Member for his decision to pursue meaningful reform. Read more here

What steps can you take to help get CAPA passed:

The Companion Animal Protection Act is the ONLY way to stop NYC ACC’s senseless killing of easily treatable puppies who had a cold, NOT Ebola!
CAPA would make it illegal to kill dogs and cats with harmless colds...
CAPA would make it illegal to kill puppies who play with their leashes (“leash-biting”) like normal puppies are supposed to do!
In fact, under CAPA it would be illegal to kill ANY animal unless that “animal has been determined to be medically untreatable by a veterinarian or a dog is determined to be vicious to people and the prognosis for rehabilitation is determined to be poor to grave by a behaviorist.”
The chances are your NY State Lawmakers would agree!

[Please Copy & Paste the text below, and send an email to your NY State Senator and another to your NY Assembly Member. To find your representatives, please see links at the bottom of this post. Thank You!♥]
Dear Senator,
Dear Assembly Member,
As your constituent, I wanted to make you aware of the Companion Animal Protection Act (CAPA), the model humane legislation that would improve the standards of care animals receive in shelters and save the lives of thousands of animals who are being needlessly killed in pounds across New York State.

CAPA has already passed in one state and several cities including Austin, TX, and Muncie, IN, where 99% of all dogs and a similar percentage of cats are now being saved by the open-admission No Kill shelters in both of these cities. New York should follow the lead of these progressive communities, as well as the State of Delaware, where CAPA passed both houses of the state legislature unanimously in 2010 and has reduced shelter killing by roughly 80% statewide.
CAPA would cost NY State taxpayers nothing to implement. Please consider becoming a sponsor of this important lifesaving legislation that is so long overdue.
Thank You for considering the Companion Animal Protection Act.
Your Constituent,
Jane Doe
Place Where I Live, NY
Find My NY Assembly Member:

Find My NY State Senator:


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