Our children need health not sickness in their future!

For parents and anyone with school-age children:

It's no secret that we are what we eat and certain foods that we consume actually cause our bodies great harm. I am writing this blog to inform parents, caregivers and anyone that cares about our school-age children health of a serious health threat children are being served in school! 
Many of our children eat breakfast and lunch at school. While this is normally good news for parents I'm sure they don't expect these meals to jeopardize their children's health!!
What health hazard? Processed meat such as: as hot dogs, pepperoni, bacon, sausage, and deli meat, causes colorectal cancer and we must demand it stop being fed to our children in school if we want them to lead healthier lives.

Please check out this site Voters For Animal Rights, they are on the forefront not only in the fight for animals rights but for a sustainable future for all! Be a part of the change!

There is a resolution that's been introduced: 238! This resolution, if passed, advocates for banning processed meat from the city’s public school lunches. Supporting this resolution will help take a bite out of climate change while giving children healthy, nutritious meals.
Please, email your reasons to councildistrict47@gmail.com telling them why you feel resolution 238 should be passed! The health of our children is in our hands!

Who introduced the resolution:
The resolution was introduced by Councilman Cabrera and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams last year. “We cannot continue feeding our children substances that are scientifically proven to increase their chances of cancer later in life,” says Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

Here's an excerpt from an article highlighting the Two proposals to help minimize meat’s carbon footprint.   

While New York City alone cannot completely stop climate change, we can make a major dent in curbing its effects and even reversing the perilous trajectory that we are currently facing. We’ve started that process by setting ambitious climate goals, including a target to reduce emissions by 80 percent by 2050. The City Council is even considering two resolutions that would help raise awareness of reducing meat consumption: one to officially recognize Meatless Monday and the other to urge the city’s public schools to ban processed meats from being served, both of which we wholeheartedly support, with the latter being introduced at the request of Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

This issue is not only a legislative or political matter, for both of us, but this is also personal. We each had our own journeys to arrive at these decisions: Adams adopted a whole food, plant-based diet after receiving a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis and Brannan became a vegetarian due to his love of animals. We are two men who appreciate the gravity of this issue as it relates to our environment, our ecosystem and the health of humankind.
New York City can and must do more to ensure healthy communities and a sustainable climate for years to come. We ask our fellow local government leaders to support these two resolutions and to seek new and innovative ways to take a bite out of climate change. We ask local businesses, which can often move quicker than government, to follow the lead of companies like WeWork that have banned meat from its company functions as part of its sustainability efforts. And we ask our fellow New Yorkers to join us in giving plant-based foods more space on your dinner table every night.

Moving forward, any national debate on climate change and the environment must take into account the importance of curbing the consumption of meat as part of a comprehensive approach to a potential Green New Deal. Locally, we can begin to wrap our hands around this crisis through oversight by the New York City Council Committee on Contracts as a way to identify how the city is subsidizing climate change through meat procurement. With our combined efforts, we can help lead the world in reducing meat consumption and in mitigating the effects of climate change.



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